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Welcome to our specialised breathwork programs designed to elevate athletic performance. Our evidence-based approach focuses on empowering athletes to optimise their physical and mental well-being through targeted breathing techniques. From stress and anxiety management to improved sleep, recovery, and overall relaxation, our programs are tailored to help athletes excel both on and off the field. By understanding how specific breathing patterns can enhance performance and overall state of being, athletes can unlock their full potential.


We offer the flexibility of sending our experts to your sporting facilities anywhere in Australia, or hosting sessions at our location on the NSW Central Coast. Our programs cater to a diverse range of sports, including NRL, AFL, Rugby Union, Oztag, Touch Football, Surfing, Swimming, Surf Life Saving, Hockey, Gymnastics, Netball, Boxing, Athletics, Rock Climbing and more. 

Standard sessions can be 1.5 hours, half day or full day clinics.


Dryland Sessions (indoor or outdoor) focus on the theory and practice of breathing patterns. A perfect blend of education and practice that will upskill athletes and coaching staff in applied breathwork and provides specific tools for your sport.

Water-based Sessions are conducted by our highly accredited aquatics coaching staff. Participants will learn essential safety skills, breath techniques, survival skills, panic management, anxiety reduction strategies, optimal breathing methods and performance enhancement techniques. These sessions are tailored to your sport and can be run as a relaxing down-regulation session or a high intensity training session. You can be a complete beginner or a high performance athlete for these sessions.  


Dryland and Water-Based Session. Build a dryland and water-based program for a comprehensive 

All enquiries on our programs are via


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