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Breathwork in boxing

A few frames from our in-house Universal Apnea breathwork, mindset, athletic performance and recovery session at the Central Coast Boxing Club, Budgewoi with a solid crew of local boxers.

This was a 1.5 hour dryland session with our Universal Apnea Head of Performance, Kim Eulo. With the use of a short presentation, Kim explained how and why specific breathing patterns effect our overall state of being. Athletes were then able to put the theory into practice and try out breathing patterns that can immediately alter heart rate and bring athletes into a state of relaxation, or a state of stress.

Athletes walk away with a range of tools that can be used to manage stress, anxiety, panic and assist in recovery, sleep, relaxation, focus, digestion and overall health.

Location: Central Coast Boxing, Budgeowi.

UA Host: Kim Eulo (B.HSc) - Head of Performance

Sport: Boxing.

If you are interested in holding an event at your club or have one of our highly accredited team attend your session please contact us at


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