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Emergency Services Wellbeing Conference

This week our partner Emergeandsee hosted a conference in the Australian Capital Territory for current, former and transitioning emergency services workers. The Emergeandsee team work in awareness and support for those suffering from PTSD to their members in NSW and the ACT.

The Emerge ESA, AFP and ABF Wellbeing Conference saw a list of expert presenters deliver incredible information in the areas of connection, well-being, transition and re-finding purpose.

Presenters included Janja Bojanic (St John of God), an expert psychologist in emergency services trauma. Kim Eulo (Universal Apnea) delivered breathwork education for mental and physical health. Billy Brooks (Emergeandsee mentor) spoke of living with PTSD as a former ESA Ambulance worker and David Healey (Expert Comcare Lawyer) discussed navigating a medical discharge.

If you are a current, transitioning or former emergency services worker wanting to know more about this amazing not-for-profit organisation simply head to

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