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Location: Toowoon Bay Surf Life Saving Club

Address: 160 Bay Road, Toowoon Bay (Beach) NSW 2261

Date: Thursday August 3, 2023

Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm

Course Aim

To present the latest science-based evidence on the effects that specific breathing pattens can have on our mental state of being and our overall state of being. The course is presented by a highly accredited presenter and backed by a team of in-house Universal Apnea professionals in research, development and allied health. The information is applicable to anyone wanting to upskill and learn foundational information regarding breathing patterns for mental and physical health. Skills and information learned in this course can be applicable for maintaining calm in everyday life, bouts of stress, anxiety, PTSD/ C-PTSD, panic attacks and sleep issues.

What to Expect

This is a casual (safe-space) classroom-style learning experience that combines an informative powerpoint presentation and a number of breathing exercises that can be practiced at your own pace. The course is 1.5 hours, held in the large modern hall space of Toowoon Bay Surf Life Saving Club. There are bathrooms onsite. Parking is free.


Course cost: $75

How to book: Please email your booking enquiry to our helpful staff at

Places are limited to 15. Full payment must be made to reserve your spot.

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